About Us

We are a company dealing with broadly understood general construction and renovation issues since 2006. We offer a range of services such as:

– Renovation and finishing of apartments / premises / flats
– Renovations and finishing of treatment bases and SPA rooms
– Renovation of building facades
– Renovation and finishing of balconies and terraces

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Remonty mieszkań i apartamentów Świnoujście

Our company has one motto:

Nothing is impossible, there are smaller or bigger challenges.

We have a group of professional workers who, through years of experience and cooperation with various investors and designers, have acquired extensive cooperation skills and qualifications in entrusted tasks.

We invite you to familiarize with the detailed offer and contact us.

Who we are? What we do?

Over the course of many years of work, we have noticed one common denominator: finishes and repairs are time consuming and difficult. Every customer, despite their individual design, idea and taste, is always afraid of the finish product of renovation.

We can assure you, dear Customer, that it will become easier with us – from professional valuation, preparation of the offer and project, to implementation.

We are able to help you go through the whole hardship of the turmoil in order to finally see your satisfaction.

For us, there is no concept “impossible” but “challenge”.

Our specialists are eager to undertake all finishing and renovation works and they will not rest until they are all done perfectly.

Do you have an idea how you want your perfect apartment / premise/ flat to look like?

Perfect – we are happy to transform your vision into a real picture.

Or maybe you have no idea at all?

Don’t worry! We will definitely be able to create the design of your dreams.

Bathroom renovations

By ordering bathroom renovations in our company, you can be 100% sure that the services will be at the highest level.

Bathroom renovations

Decide on the best professionals

Bathroom renovations should be carried out quickly and efficiently. These rooms are often used by the household members, so all work carried out in them must be carried out as soon as possible. If you want to have a modern, functional and aesthetic bathroom, then our specialists will perform a professional renovation or refresh, giving it a completely new look. Our employees will also help you in choosing the right bathroom fittings and finishing elements.

Use our services
and enjoy the new bathroom

Before our company performs renovation work in your bathroom, you can count on professional valuation of renovation costs, as well as advice on the selection of the best quality and price materials. We treat bathroom renovations individually and approach them comprehensively.

During work, we try to make all our activities aim to achieve the best end result in the form of a beautifully renovated bathroom.

Interior finishes

We offer a comprehensive interior finishing services that you can order at Baueffect.

Interior finishes - reliable and professional services

Interior finishes are a very important element of construction works on the appearance of a given apartment, SPA cabinet, house or hotel rooms. If you care about finishing works carried out on time and carried out by professionals, then decide on the services of our company. We offer you an easy to read price list of services, which in you can estimate the costs of the entire enterprise. In addition, we advise on the choice of materials and other finishing elements.

Decide to finish the interior with the help of Baueffect

Works such as interior finishing require precision, commitment and effective actions. Thanks to the commissioning of finishing works for our company, you can enjoy an interior that will be not only functional but also attractive. In our work, we try to take care of the needs of each client and meet all his requirements. Our activities are based on extensive experience and knowledge about modern construction.

Baueffect Sp. z o.o.